High Quality Spare Parts

PK OEM Parts offers an excellent alternative to sourcing parts from the original engine, separator or turbocharger manufacturer without compromising quality. We would like to be your flexible partner and preferred supplier.

4-Stroke Engine Parts

PK OEM Parts is specialised in spare parts suitable for 4-stroke Wärtsilä engines, series: 46, 50DF, VASA 32, 38 A/B and 32. We supply OEM parts quality, meaning our engine spare parts are sourced from European manufacturers who specialise in the production of specific parts that are supplied to renowned engine builders worldwide. As a result, all our parts are made and developed by leading specialists with a long history of proven excellence. PK OEM Parts guarantees that the quality of all spare parts is equivalent to that of the original and fully interchangeable.

Separator Parts

PK OEM Parts is the worldwide distributor for TULLP separator spares and we can fulfil all your separation and filtration requirements. TULLP covers a wide range of products that are fully interchangeable with the original and within OEM manufacturer’s tolerances and material specifications.


The TULLP filtration and separation equipment product portfolio includes:

  • Full range of spare parts for Alfa Laval & Westfalia separators

  • Fully reconditioned separators and/or bowls for Alfa Laval & Westfalia

  • New or reconditioned control units for all Alfa Laval and Westfalia separators

  • Full range of spare parts for IMO triple screw low pressure pumps


  • Full range of spare parts for Alfa Laval Moatti filters

    (serie FM 120/150/152/180DE, X280)

  • Full range of spare parts for Nirex fresh water generators:
    (Series JWP 16/26/36)

  • Brand new CBM or SWEP plate and brazed heat exchangers

  • Gaskets and Plates for plate heat exchangers

  • Stainless steel and titanium plates available

Turbocharger Parts

PK OEM Parts offers a wide range of spare parts suitable for ABB turbochargers. In addition, we supply complete reconditioned turbochargers. We have spare parts suitable for ABB turbochargers series:


  • TPL-A  Types: 65/69/73/77/80

  • TPL-B  Types: 73/77/80/85

  • TPL-C  Types: 67/76


  • VTR: 160/161/184
  • VTR: 200/201/214/250/251/254
  • VTR: 304/320/321/354
  • VTR: 400/401/454/
  • VTR: 500/501/564
  • VTR: 714


TPS: 44/48/52/57/61


VTC: 214/254/304

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