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At PK OEM Parts we are continiously developing and searching for optimal solutions to serve our customers in an even better way.

Partnership with Niigata Power Systems

Tailor-made solutions with Niigata Power Systems and high performance products

PK OEM Parts joins Niigata Power Systems to provide tailor-made solutions for our customers. Niigata’s ability to offer complete drivetrains coincides with PK’s high-quality spare parts for engines, separators and turbochargers.

Dual Fuel engine

Niigata successfully delivered the world’s first 4-stroke dual fuel engine for a fixed pitch propeller-driven LNG fueled harbor tugboat the “KST Liberty”. The engine offers high-dynamic performance in gas mode for load-following, and in diesel mode for tug operation. Built-in safety features allow instant switch-over between gas and diesel modes.

PK OEM Parts is proud to be Niigata’s partner in providing service and selling the advanced and dynamic engines of Niigata Power Systems.

High quality products

PK OEM Parts is able to offer complete tailor-made solutions with Niigata’s dual fuel engines and PK’s wide range of exhaust systems, compressors, hydraulic systems, diesel-driven pumps sets and more. These products are of high performance and high quality, built by prominent manufacturers.

Our service partners are fully trained and available for technical support for your Niigata engine.

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